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Cash Registers

View SAM4S ER-180/T ECR

KEY FEATURES ER-180 ■ 5 Sales Departments. ■ 100 PLU’s (Price Look Ups). ■ 4 Clerks. ■ 4 Tax Rates. ■ Small Cash Drawer (Lockable). ■ Single Station Fly Wheel Printer. ■ Secure Mode Lock. ■ Calculator Mode. ■ Auto Date Change. ■ Journal or Receipt Printing. ■ Full End of Day Reports. ER-180T ■ 5 Sales Departments. ■ 500 PLU’s (Price Look Ups). ■ 10 Clerks. ■ 4 Tax Rates. ■ Large Cash Drawer (Lockable). ■ Programmable Message & Text. ■ Single Station Thermal Printer. ■ Secure Mode Lock. ■ Calculator Mode. ■ Auto Date Change. ■ Journal or Receipt Printing on Demand. ■ Rear Customer Display. ■ Full End of Day Reports

View ER-900 Series

The ER-900 Series of ECR’s are designed with a bright Alpha-Numeric display along with a range of keyboard designs including Raised or Flat for all Hospitality and Retail situations. The ER-900 Series also has Single (Receipt) or Twin Station (Receipt & Journal) Thermal Printer(s) plus numerous features such as Scanning and Check Tracking to Overlapping Cashiers ensure the register is suitable for all environments. Choose a single printer or traditional receipt & journal model. Both provide fast, quiet thermal printing.

VIEW SPS 500 Range

The Sam4s SPS500 series Touch Screen EPOS Terminals feature a hybrid design, combining the functions of a touch screen system within the housing and low-cost of a cash register. Sam4s has combined fast and simple ECR's keyboard entry with an intuitively bright 7" touch screen display. Choose either the standard SPS530 model with a wide 80mm thermal receipt printer, or the optional SPS520 model with twin 57mm width thermal receipt and journal-copy printers.

View Quorion CR-21

Compact and Cost Efficient The Quorion CR-21 Fiscal Cash Register with its small foot print and dimensions it presents the ideal companion for small businesses and customers, who attach great importance to a low cost system without feature limitations. It offers you superior fast transaction processing, loads of features, and storage as well as ample connectivity options for external devices.

View Quorion CR-29

The CR 20 is the ideal companion for mobile businesses and fiscal law compliance. It offers you superior portability, fast transaction processing, loads of features and storage as well as ample connectivity options for external devices. The CR 20 is easy to carry and small enough to fit into any backpack. Despite its petite size, you nonetheless gain a powerful POS solution, thanks to the 32-bit technology. Furthermore, the RS 232 interfaces allows you to connect all the peripheral devices you may need such as cash drawers, scales, scanners, and GPRS modules. The USB port in turn makes fast PC programming possible. Combine that with a quiet thermal printer with easy load that jets out up to 60 mm/s and you get a superior entry level cash register.


QMP 50 –The POS solution for price conscious shop owners Small foot print, plenty of articles and departments, simple operation plus cashing functions are the main features, which shop owners demand from their cash register. Our compact model QMP 50 fulfills all these requirements. The QMP 50 comes with fast Easy-Load printer, one or two station, graphical LCD displays, two serial ports for peripherals like scanner/scale, one USB port for comfortable PC programming as well as reporting and a cash drawer port.