Touch Screens

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The Best hit model Z-POS has the powerful features and smart design. Z-POS is two-tone black and white, curved edges for a modern look and focuses on a user-friendly design. The first product in Korea adopts the frame Touch technology and 9.7-inch Dual Monitor option. The I/O (input/output) ports have been placed on the top of the panel, to aid ease of installation and hide cabling. Z-POS has adopted hand-screws to the MSR, HDD and Main Board to further increase ease of installation, servicing and user friendliness.

Ok Pos K9000 > Download Brochure

OKPOS’s POS terminals are undefeated in innovation and have a solid commitment in providing the optimum combination of performance and value. K-9000 is designed to provide outstanding performance for your business and to protect your business. OKPOS’s POS terminals are designed to accelerate customer service and K-9000 shows business-optimized technologies, innovative design.

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our ‘No Name’ touch screen. It has an elegant, true flat, bezeless screen, the front panel has IP66 applied, the terminal is fanless and incorporates an innovative system of hiding all wires. You can benefit from end users not being able to search for a model number on the internet and therefore avoid entering a price war with other sellers.

SAM4S TITAN-150 TOUCH SCREEN > Download Brochure

Industrial quality LED display . 15” True waterproof flat front panel . Intel Celeron 1.8GHz processing power . Tool-less design, provides easy installation . Stylish die-Cast Aluminium base . Internal power adapter . Ultra slim MSR (Optional) . Customer facing LCD (Optional) . SSD (Optinal) . Small footprint . Vesa wall mountable . 350 (H) x 250 (D) x 365 (W) mm

SAM4S SPS-2000 TOUCH SCREEN > Download Brochure

The latest, high performance, solid state onboard flash memory negates the need for unreliable hard drives and unnecessary operating systems. Night Clubs, Bars and the Leisure Industry find the reliability of the Sam4s SPS-2000 perfect for their demanding work load.

SAM4S SPS-2200 TOUCH SCREEN > Download Brochure

The 15” ROM based terminal has stable and reliable software taken from the SPS-2000 and is ideal for both Hospitality and Retail Solutions. Night Clubs, Bars and the Leisure Industry find the reliability of the Sam4s SPS-2200 perfect for their demanding work load in hostile work areas.

SAM4S SPT-3700 TOUCH SCREEN > Download Brochure

With the standard specification of fast 1.8GHz CPU, 2GB RAM and 320GB HDD there is no need for expensive upgrades.The waterproof screen ensures durability in the harshest of locations. Screen tilt (0° to 65°) is adjusted easily to create just the right angle for viewing.

SAM4S SPT-4700 TOUCH SCREEN > Download Brochure

The high performance Sam4s SPT-4700 touch screen terminal has a powerful Intel Atom 1.8GHz (Dual Core) processor designed to reliably and efficiently power demanding POS applications in Hospitality and Retail markets. Easy wall mounting option too for limited spaces make this an obvious choice..

SAM4S SPT-4801 TOUCH SCREEN > Download Brochure

The new SPT-4801 is a true LED flat screen touch panel available in Black or White in a shiny new high gloss finish. The 15” inch LED screen provides even brighter clearer colours for clarity and ease of operation. Screen tilt (0° to 65°) is adjusted easily to create just the right angle for viewing.

POSBANK ANYSHOP ECO > Download Brochure

Our entry level ANYSHOP Eco brings you a wealth of great features without breaking your budget. Featuring an Intel Atom D525 1.86GHz Dual Core CPU, DDR3 memory and a large 320GB HDD, the ANYSHOP Eco offers superior processing power and storage capabilities second to none in its classmaking it the POS system of choice for today's budget conscious business owner.

QUORION QTOUCH 8" > Download Brochure

The QTouch 8 POS system ideally lends itself to your growing, small business needs as a user-friendly, small, all-in-one POS system with all the peripherals built-in. Maximize your ROI with everything out of one box – touch screen technology, printer, customer display, POS software, and interfaces to support the latest POS devices!

QUORION QTOUCH 10" > Download Brochure

Quorion's All-in-One POS system, the QTouch 10 gives business owners everything they need in one unit without requiring any additional investments or hassles, because it incorporates a number of POS peripherals in one seamless design. Therefore, the QTouch 10 is ideal for smart businesses. You get a complete POS solution right out of the box!

QUORION QTOUCH 15" > Download Brochure

Quorion's QTouch2 EPOS System is at the forefront for reliability, excellent on-screen software functionality and quick and easy to use back office software for data maintenance, reporting and stock control. The QTouch2 is ideal for Retail Shops and Hospitality Type Applications including: Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Nightclubs, Hotels and many other businesses types.

QUORION QTOUCH 12" > Download Brochure

The 15" is the largest terminal in the Quorion range. It allows users to take full advantage of extensive table and floor plans. A fabless cooking system makes the POS system completely quiet, without compromising on performance. Because the QTouch 15 is marginally larger than its display, you can place it conveniently wherever you please. Yet, it nevertheless convinces with its sturdy construction.